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Chicago Tax Accountant

A Chicago Tax Accountant Can Help with Your Tax Problems

The last thing anyone wants to receive in the mail is an audit notification from the IRS if you are dealing with an audit or any other type of tax problem, a Chicago accountant at Impact Financial Solutions, Inc can provide you with experienced guidance. We take a strategic approach to tax planning and preparation and are highly skilled in representing clients who have already run into difficulties with the IRS or any state tax agency. We can work to solve your tax problems. Our firm is located in Chicago, Illinois and we help clients throughout Cicero, Lincolnwood and Oak Park and the surrounding areas.

Impact Financial Solutions, Inc offers practical and effective solutions to tax problems of all kinds: tax liens and levies, back taxes, settlement, offer in compromise, wage garnishment and audits. We offer professional tax help for clients in Chicago and the surrounding cities in Illinois. Facing off against the IRS can be a tricky situation to be in, but our professional help may make all the difference in reaching a swift and favorable resolution. A Chicago tax accountant at our firm can talk to you about your concerns and can develop a plan of action that is tailored to suit your unique needs.

Find the right accountant to address your tax problems. By calling Impact Financial Solutions, Inc and scheduling a consultation, you can find out more about our tax-related accounting services and can get valuable insight regarding your options and rights. We are located at 71 East Division Street, Suite 601 , Chicago, IL, 60610 and represent taxpayers in and around the surrounding areas. If you are a new client, we welcome you to call us at (888) 392-8274 to talk about your needs. Existing clients are welcome to call (312) 543-0768 and we will address your concerns as swiftly as possible.

Contact a Chicago tax accountant at Impact Financial Solutions, Inc to see how we can help you in the face of your tax problems.

Office Address:
71 East Division Street, Suite 601
Chicago, IL 60610

New Clients Only:
(888) 392-8274
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